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The Directorate General for Post Secondary and Seniors Instruction and for integrated training activities has given to INValSI the goal of implementing the EdaLab/SAPA project.
This is an experimental project for the application of SAPA (Tools for studying the level of adult alphabetization) within the EdaLab project managed by the IRRE in cooperation with USR, INDIRE and INVALSI.
The package of tools produced by SAPA for the field research of the year 2004 (tools which were tested on specific population targets), has been adapted for an enquiry on the core competences in people that are attending (or that would wish to attend) CTP or evening courses.
The diagnostic tools help in building and managing courses targeted to the specific personal needs of the trainees [the training needs may be for instance: construction or reconstruction of core competences, learning support on specific programme topics, etc.].

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